Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Shower Gift

Went to a shower for my friend Melissa on Sunday and made these for her.

She doesn't know what she's having but she had a bunch of orange stuff on her registry and I just fell in love. I think it's perfect as a new green or yellow. I also can't help but love the bird fabric I bought.

Melissa's sister made this for her.
I grabed the pattern for it a long time ago at Joann's and was a scared to even try it. She said it was easy, so I may try now....or try something a little easier first. Joann's has a ton of easy little animal toys to try out.


alisha said...

Where have you been getting these awesome fabrics? I've not seen any of these at Joann's before. They are AWESOME! You are doing so good on these bibs and burp cloths too! And that toy is one of the coolest handmade baby things I think I have ever seen!!!

Cassie J said...

I agree with Alisha. Awesome fabric, where did you get it? LOVE the crocheted thingy, I forget the name of those. That is really adorable.