Monday, February 08, 2010

Baby Monkey

My friend Tori had her baby shower on Saturday, so I had to make her something. The baby's bedroom theme is jungle animals and her boyfriend LOVES I went with that. Tried out reverse applique for the first time. (Note to self: working on onesies with a machine is NOT easy.)
Also made her these cute burp cloths. I really like the middle one.

My gift was the only handmade gift and Tori almost cried.

My sister has requested I put together a little pink, baby girl basket of stuff including burp cloths, a onesie and some other stuff for her silent auction she's having in April (she thinks). All proceeds will go to The Pink Galas team donation for Susan G. Komen. My sister and a couple of her fellow teachers are doing the 3 Day Walk for the Cure in November. I'm SO proud of her for doing this.


~holly said...

can i make some stuff to put in the basket?


alisha said...

They turned out adorable! It is tricky with shirts too- but still easier and faster than regular appliqué, in my opinion!

I would love to add to the basket as well! Maybe we should have a craft day for this basket????

Heather said...

Too cute!!!

roseytoes9 said...

trust me, i was totally intimidated to try it too!! lol if you have pse and want to try, ill try and talk you though what i did so you can try.. oh and let me know if you do hybrid stuff ;)