Monday, January 04, 2010

Final Christmas Crafts

Finally getting around to posting my remaining Christmas Crafts.
Here is a bag I made for my Nascar loving Mother-in-Law, Kathy.
Here is the ornament I made and gave to the Grandparents and Auntie Ari. I didn't think about it until I had completed all of them...but I think next year I might try to make them into scented sachets.

And here is the mini digi page I did to use for the ornament above.

Finally here is the card wreath I made. All pretty and full with Christmas cards. I'm so glad I made it. It was really wonderful having something to display all my cards on so nicely.
My goal for this year is to have all my planned Christmas gifts done by September. I've already started my list, hopefully I can meet my goal!


~holly said...

nice stuff! awesome

alisha said...

Cute bag! Love the ornament! You have to help me digi scrap for my ornaments for next year! It looks so great! I actually thought about making mine scented this year also, but since I didn't get the picture until 2 days before Christmas, I was just in way too big a rush!

And I really like the Christmas Card Wreath! My family isn't so big on cards anymore. Used to be. I got 3 cards total this year. So unless I start getting more, I'm not going to make one of those. But if I do get more, I must! It's very cute!

Cassie J said...

Cool Nascar bag! I want to learn how to digi scrap also, but I'm just not patient enough to teach myself!!!

Angelica said...

What a great idea to make a Christmas Card Wreath! You're so creative Cerise, love the two lunchbags with cupcakes on them too (in another blogpost), they're so cute:)

tigger said...

That card wreath is fantastic. I should do that next year. I certainly have enough embroidery hoops!