Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pattern Jackpot

Last week I got to hang out with my Dad and he gave me a ton of patterns from his girlfriend. They were her mother's and they are ALL girl things, but I've had so much fun going through them and I'm totally saving them. You never know....maybe I'll have a girl one day. The patterns are a few decades old so not everything is still in style, but there are some that are really awesome....and so totally cute.

My personal favorite so far are the doll patterns, including some for cabbage patch dolls. I will probably try those patterns out first.


alisha said...

You totally hit the jackpot! Holly is going to be jealous! She is addicted to fabric AND patterns!

You know, there are BOY cabbage patch dolls... You could make one for Lyndon!

~holly said...

alisha nailed it. i am SO jealous!