Saturday, May 16, 2009


Munch decided to sleep all day I got to finish some projects.
First I finished his Scooby Doo pants and top. Don't know if you can actually see it, but the pants are Scooby Doo Camo.

And here he is with his new football pants complete with Notre Dame Fighting Irishman top. This one is my favorite. My grandfather (who played for Notre Dame) actually asked me where I bought the set. :o) I'm trying not to get a big head about it.
Below is the TON of fabric I got at Walmart for 75% off!! My favorite is some cow and poppy fabric...I'm going to make napkins with it. If you have any ideas for the rest of it let me know!
Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a little post about our adventures at the Etsy Spring Bash.


~holly said...

such cute outfits. you totally should have a big head over them!!!!!!

score on the fabric. which walmart???

alisha said...

Oh, those are adorable! And even better on Lyndon! Are you going to stitch around the fabric on the shirts? I need to make TJ some more outfits like that. I haven't done any like that since July of last year! I was thinking I need to do a Longhorns outfit for him. First I have to finish all the shorts I have cut out for him and the girls for summer!

Arrianna said...

I love the football/Notre Dame outfit!