Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I'm slowly working on an Alphabet book for Lyndon. I'm going to do it all using 4x6 digi scrapbook pages printed and put into a cheap 4x6 photo album. I'm trying to make it as personalized for Lyndon as possible...which is harder than I originally thought it would be. Here is what I have so far.
D is for Daddy done using Stardust Kit by Ourchives Scraps.

K is for Kaiser done using Perfect Pet Kit by Rhonna Farrer.

J is for Joplin done using...hmmm...will have to do some research on that. The stamp frame is by Ameyasa, but I'm not sure about the background and other frame.

M is for Mama done using Electric Boy by Miss Vivi.


alisha said...

OH! I am speechless! What a wonderful idea. It's so beautiful! I need to do one of these for each of my kids. A Family one for the house! OH! Hook me up, where do I find these online things again? Does it cost to use them? I guess I wasn't completely speechless, huh?! :P

LuvfromIndia said...

a great idea...what a beautiful way to learn the alphabets. i wanted to do something similar and i purchased a kit by Mira Designs called ABC labels...and that was it..now my second son has progressed to 3 letter words in school!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such an encouraging comment on my blog..love your stuff too and photo with your hand and little Lyndon's hand is very nice.
signing off..rhoda